We're a full service brand design studio based in sunny Southern California.


Located in sunny Southern California, Poised Avenue Design Studio takes inspiration from the eclectic coast to create one-of-a-kind brand identities for our clients. Using strategic, psychology-driven techniques, our clients walk away with brand clarity and a brand identity that yields only success.

We use strategy to build your brand.

what we do

Our foundation is in brand psychology — it's the basis for all of our brand projects. We believe that brand visuals rooted in strategy yield the most success. That's why we make it our goal to work with our clients to get to the root of their business, help them discover their brand strategy, and build supporting visuals they can use to create brand recognition and trust within their ideal audience. 

Amanda is a die-hard creative and entrepreneur and comes from a long line of creatives and entrepreneurs. Growing up, her favorite class was after-school art where she learned fine art and sketching techniques. After high school, she began working for her dad in graphic design and print, where she learned how to run vinyl machines and large-format printers. After college, she was promoted to graphic designer and head of digital marketing. She has since helped her dad launch a brand new online retail business before launching her own brand design studio, Poised Avenue Design Studio.

She's a California native who draws inspiration from the eclectic west coast atmosphere. You'll find her working from home, where she lives with her fiancé, Grant, sipping an iced coffee or mango smoothie. 

Founder & CEO

Amanda Strong

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Founder & CEO

Ally Mason

Brand Design is Powerful

we believe

A brand tells a story through the senses of your ideal audience. Here at Poised Avenue, we help our clients get to the root of what they do and why it matters, creating visuals that tell a story worth a thousand words. 

In Our Clients

we believe

As a small business owner herself, Amanda understands how much passion goes into what you do. That's why she and her team are eager to help you create a brand identity that works with you to propel your business into the success you know it deserves. 

In Our Team

we believe

We work closely with a handful of creative partners to create an all-inclusive experience for our clients. We can't be experts in everything, that's why we work with trusted partners in parallel industries such as copy writing, printing, and more.


Rachel Leslie 

Rachel is the founder and lead writer of RL Studio, a copywriting and storytelling studio on a mission to help impact-driven brands stand out and amplify their business with compelling copy and purpose-led storytelling. With over a decade of marketing experience, Rachel understands and believes in the power of stories. In the studio, Rachel can be found at the helm collaborating with her clients, designers, developing messaging guides, copywriting strategies, and educating entrepreneurs on the power of storytelling.

Jon Strong

Jon is owner of Strong Image Graphics for nearly 30 years. He specializes in large format printing, graphic design, signage, and vinyl wraps and decals. He works closely with clients such as UFC Gym, Estée Lauder, and The Ocean Institute as well as with his daughter, Amanda, on print collateral projects for clients of Poised Avenue Design Studio.

Want to Collaborate?

We are always looking for new creatives to collaborate on projects with. If you're looking to work closely with a brand designer on client projects, let us know by clicking the link below!

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