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18 Week Pregnancy Update

June 3, 2021

Hi again! I wrote my last post (my 17 week update) late into my 17th week, so here we are already at 18 weeks!!

Not much has changed. I’ve been busy with work and wedding planning and honestly, have felt overwhelmed with it all most days. I’ve reminded myself it’s okay to take a step back and not talk about wedding planning, baby planning, or work sometimes — actually, it’s necessary for me to stay sane haha. Yesterday I had a beach trip planned with my sisters to try to get away from my computer and phone, but it ended up being drizzly and cold and wedding planning, again, crept back into the day’s to-dos.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means complaining. I feel lucky to have a wedding to plan and lots of things to keep me busy. But I think it’s important to remember balance in life. The last thing I want to do is burn myself out before I can even enjoy the fruits of my labor.

With that said, my studio, Poised Avenue Design Studio, has been busy this month! I’m in the midst of a tech-forward brand design, as well as a brand design for a spa, dance studio, and law firm.

I think Grant and I will also announce my pregnancy tomorrow to the public! I am SO excited… I’ve waited a long time to let everyone know. We’ve enjoyed celebrating the news with our closest friends and family, but I think it will feel good to have the news out in open air (especially as it’s getting harder to hide my belly).

What’s Up with Baby DeWoody

This week, baby is the size of a cucumber (or about 5.5 inches long). He or she is starting to form a set of fingerprints unique to baby, genitals will be visible on an ultrasound, and the myeline sheath protecting baby’s nerves is beginning to form.

It’s so fun to read about these milestones every week! I remember thinking myelin was so fascinating to learn about in school (both in my child dev courses and speech path neurology courses). I’d daydream about being a mom to a baby hitting all of these milestones when in school… and here we are today living it!

What I’ve Been Craving

My new favorite snack is garlic stuffed green olives. Oh my gosh, yum!! Grant’s mom had them out for us when I met with her and the wedding florist. I couldn’t stop eating them then and had to get a jar or two to keep in my fridge. They are so yummy with the spanish Marcona almonds (specifically the roasted and salted truffle Marcona almonds) from Trader Joe’s.

Iced coffee is another favorite this pregnancy. The first few weeks after we found out I was pregnant, coffee didn’t appeal to me. Hot coffee still doesn’t most days. But iced coffee? That’s a different story. La Columbe iced coffee from the grocery store with a splash of half and half is my favorite morning drink. However, I do have to measure it out to be sure I’m only drinking 200 mg of caffeine, because it has more caffeine than typical coffee.

If I’m not having La Columbe, you’ll find me at Starbucks ordering an iced coffee unsweet with cream. Mmm.

Symptoms I’ve Had

Still not many symptoms to report. I did buy a couple new bras as I’ve outgrown (or easily fill to the brim lol) my old bras. My absolute favorite bra right now is from Aerie, linked here. It’s wireless, lightly padded, and absolutely amazing. It also gives a bit of a lift without being uncomfortable. Unlike most “push up” bras, it’s not padded just at the bottom of the cup. It has light padding throughout the entire cup, so it’s extremely form fitting and comfy.

And although spicy foods sound so yummy lately, they do tend to give me more heartburn than they typically would pre-pregnancy. But nothing too bad if I have a Tums on hand.

Products I’ve Been Loving

I have always been one to be conscious of the ingredients I use, whether in my food or products I use externally. Beauty Counter has always been one of my favorite brands for skin care and makeup, and with my skin being problematic recently, I’ve loved BC’s acne face wash and serum! They don’t dry out my skin but help keep the oil at bay and keep my skin more even in tone, as well as keep breakouts at bay (or clear active breakouts more quickly).

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