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An Insider’s Look at My Brand Design Client Process

February 1, 2024

In this post, you’ll get a step-by-step look at what it’s like to be a Poised Avenue brand design client. This article will answer questions like, “What will my project consist of?” or, “How will my project be managed?” Please note that this process may slightly differ from client to client. However, it is the framework that makes working with Poised Avenue an effortless and exciting process.

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The Onboarding Process

Most clients submit their inquiry through the studio’s inquiry form however, I can also be reached via email or even Instagram. Once your inquiry is submitted, you will automatically receive an intake form. The point of the intake form is to gather your project’s basic information and get a feel for how you prefer to communicate, what your budget looks like, and more. Then, within 48 business hours, you’ll receive a personal email from me in response to both your inquiry and intake form.

Most of my clients feel they can get their information and goals across via email however, I do also offer a complimentary discovery call if needed. Either way, once we have the foundations of your project ironed out, I can start crafting your custom proposal. Your custom proposal includes a summary of your project, your goals, and the unique solutions I propose for your project goals. It will also include two (at minimum) custom packages for you to choose from. Once you make your selection, you will be prompted to move further into the proposal where your contract and invoice can be found. Once you’ve made your selection, paid your retainer, and signed your contract, you’re officially a Poised Avenue brand design client (yay)!

You’ll be set up with a client portal, where you can keep track of things like your project timeline, upcoming tasks, client homework, and more. It will be where we do all of our communication to ensure everything remains organized and on schedule.

The very first assignment in your client portal will be your client questionnaire. This questionnaire asks important questions about your business, its competitors, and your personal experiences as a business owner. It helps us find the most strategic direction for your brand’s visuals and gives me a deeper understanding of you and your business.

Within your portal, you’ll also find important links, basic project info, your project phases, and a calendar overview of important project dates. Within each project phase, you’ll find instructions for each phase of the project, what you can expect, and important links and files relevant to that specific phase. Communication, feedback, and other comments regarding each phase of the project will happen inside each phase category to keep everything super organized, too.

Take a peek at what a client portal looks like below:

An inside look at Poised Avenue's brand client portal.

The Brand Strategy Phase

Soon, I will be releasing a full library of self-paced brand strategy workbooks. Each workbook will cover one brand strategy subject. I believe that no one knows your business better than you do, and that’s why I believe that all you need is the right support and guidance to craft a strong brand strategy for yourself.

The brand strategy I currently include in my 1:1 projects includes the basics, organized inside of your client portal, to ensure we’re on the same page regarding creative direction and brand visuals. My goal is to get you in line and familiar with your most basic brand strategies before designing any custom assets for you so that your visuals work for you and your goals. However, if you want to dive deeper into brand strategy, keep an eye out for the launch of my brand strategy workbook library!

Want to snag the first brand strategy workbook for free? Download the Craft Your Unique Selling Point workbook now by clicking here.

The Brand Design Phase

During the brand design phase, you will be presented with a creative direction presentation. This presentation includes everything from visual adjectives to a color palette and a moodboard. It may also include typography direction, photography direction, textures, patterns, or other brand elements relevant to your project. Once you’ve approved the creative direction, I start designing your brand assets. During this time, I go through multiple iterations and ideas behind the scenes. By sifting through these ideas internally, I ensure your brand assets are aligned with your brand strategy and project goals, but it also helps the project remain objective and professional versus injecting too much of your personal preference into the designs.

Once I land on what I believe to be the strongest concept, I fully flush out the concept by completing your brand identity in full. I then take that fully-flushed concept and mock it up to be presented to you in a brand concept presentation. This presentation includes your full logo suite with design rationale, color psychology, typography direction, and more. This, like your creative direction presentation, will be presented via pre-recorded video and PDF. You will also be presented with a feedback form to be completed before we move into a refinement round if needed.

The Off-Boarding Phase

Once everything has been signed off by you, I’ll begin exporting all of your final files to be organized into a brand identity folder. This folder includes your entire logo suite, with files ready for both digital and print applications in your brand’s colorways, but also in black and white. There will also be folders including your color palette HEX codes, RGB and CMYK values, and PMS callouts, if applicable, plus your typography suite, brand guidelines, mockups, and more.

To read more about what you can expect in your final folder, click here.

Overall, you’ll walk away with at least roughly 25 professionally exported logo files, professional mockups to use on your website and socials, color codes that ensure your brand colors are consistent across all touchpoints, and so much more.

I hope this post gave you the insight needed to confidently become a Poised Avenue brand design client! Ready to work together? Head to my contact page and submit your inquiry today.

Amanda DeWoody of Poised Avenue Design Studio

This article was written by Amanda DeWoody of Poised Avenue Design Studio. Amanda is a professional graphic designer located in the Temecula Valley area. She specializes in brand strategy, brand design, and print design for businesses in Southern California and beyond. It’s her design philosophy that every creative decision should be a strategic one, and she ensures each project she works on is balanced in both artistic style and creative strategy.

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