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3 Mistakes You Make When You DIY Your Brand Identity

When starting a business, we often want to DIY various tasks. We get it — expenses can sometimes get overwhelming as an entrepreneur. While we at Poised Avenue believe investing in brand identity is something that will always bring you a return on your investment, if you aren’t ready to invest just yet and would […]

Poised Avenue Design Studio | What I Include in my Brand Strategy

It can be hard to decide what to DIY and what to outsource when growing a business. You may find yourself weighing the benefits and thinking about what the return on investment will be. One of the first things I suggest outsourcing is your brand identity. Why? Because if you can’t articulate who you are, […]

Poised Avenue Design Studio | 5 Tips for Balancing Motherhood and Business Ownership

Does balance even exist? It seems to be a hot topic in the mommy world… but I think it can! Of course, balance looks different for everyone and it can even look different from day to day. But balance can exist. Here are my top five tips for keeping the balance as a mom and […]