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5 Tips for Balancing Motherhood and Business Ownership

January 12, 2022

Poised Avenue Design Studio | 5 Tips for Balancing Motherhood and Business Ownership

Does balance even exist? It seems to be a hot topic in the mommy world… but I think it can!

Of course, balance looks different for everyone and it can even look different from day to day. But balance can exist. Here are my top five tips for keeping the balance as a mom and entrepreneur.

  1. This is number one because I think it’s the most important! Fill each of your glasses. By that I mean, take care of every aspect of your life equally. One can’t be more important than the other in a general sense (of course one may take the front seat while the others take the back seat some days, but overall each pillar of your life should hold equal weight). For me, I like to pour into my business, my husband/marriage, my family/baby, and myself. That may look like scheduled date nights on the calendar, reading a book on business, or taking a bubble bath for myself at the end of a long day. Decide on which categories of life you want to fill and schedule things in each category every week.
  2. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find a routine. Babies, and even kids, are unpredictable. If you stress over creating a “work” routine, you’ll drive yourself nuts. Instead, have a general idea of what you want to get done for the week and work when you can, then celebrate the small wins each day!
  3. Try to schedule a work-alone day every week. It’s definitely tricky to do sometimes, but having a day to yourself to work is so helpful. I’m lucky enough to have my sisters available and willing to watch Paisley every now and then so I can go somewhere quiet to work for a solid two hours or so. It is extremely refreshing to have a change of scenery in a space you can actually concentrate for a good chunk of time!
  4. Focus on adapting old habits. My word for 2022 is adaptation. That’s because I made it a goal of mine to adapt my old work habits and hobbies to fit my new role as a mom. Rather than feeling disappointed that you no longer can do what you used to, the way that you used to, try to feel inspired to adapt. For example, I used to love to go on runs for my health but also to clear my head. Going on a run always brought fresh ideas and clarity on work projects. Since I can no longer run (at least not until Paisley is old enough to sit in a jogging stroller), I’ve adapted and instead take Paisley on long walks in the park to get outside and clear my head. It’s a win win!
  5. Make mommy friends! Whether they own a business or not, it doesn’t matter. Being a mom can be challenging, and having someone to talk to who understand what being a mom feels like is so therapeutic. Being a mom doesn’t define who you are, but it is a huge part of who you are, and not everyone understands what it means to be home with a baby all day. Balancing anything when home with a baby or kids has a learning curve. Talk it out, whatever it is, with those who you can lean on to relate!

Are you a mom trying to run a business? Leave your best balancing tip below in the comments or chat about it with me in my DMs on Instagram! I’d love to make a few new mommy friends. ☺️

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