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Behind the Brand: Crumbl Cookies

July 1, 2022

We had the pleasure of speaking with the marketing team over at Crumbl, who dished some behind the scenes of the Crumbl brand — how they got started, who designed their brand (which happens to be one of the most recognizable cookie brands in the US), and why they think branding is such an important part of a company’s success. Here’s a look at our conversation:

Amanda: Alright, first things first, tell us a bit about you and your brand — what does it stand for; what makes it unique?

Member of Crumbl’s Marketing Team: From the beginning, Crumbl Cookies has been about bringing people together and has adopted the mission to “bring friends and family together over a box of the best cookies in the world.”

There are a few things that set Crumbl apart. First, our weekly rotating menu. We have a flavor bank of 200+ flavors, 5 of which are featured weekly, along with our award-winning Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Along with the rotating menu, Crumbl provides a high-quality cookie experience — every cookie on the menu has gone through an extensive testing process to ensure that it is the very best that it can be!

Additionally, Crumbl is a tech-driven bakery — we were just recently awarded the Gold Stevie Award for our customer-facing app! We integrate technology into everything that we do to provide a quality experience for all of our stakeholders.

Lastly, our classic Crumbl pink box makes us unique! The box is instantly recognizable and makes for the perfect photo — we love our pink branding!

Amanda: That’s amazing! It sounds like finding ways to stand out amongst other bakeries — through the use of unexpected color, making your quality front and center/known to your audience, and making sure your brand is well-represented and accessible in the modern world and on people’s technology/cellphones — has really helped you stand out. A Gold Stevie Award goes to show it… that’s incredible!

In your opinion, just how important is creating that modern and unique brand experience to the growth/success of a company?

Member of Crumbl’s Marketing Team: While there are so many elements that make a company successful, having a unique brand experience is a key aspect!

When Jason and Sawyer were putting together the business, they wanted customers to have a unique and memorable experience. This is what sparked the open kitchen concept where customers can see every part of the cookie-making process.

But like I’ve mentioned, the customer-facing app, courtesy of Jason’s background and our amazing tech team, really helps set us apart in today’s world. This app allows you to order cookies, send cookies, and choose from a myriad of pickup options. You can see information about each cookie, fill up your pink box in the app, and even create a video when sending cookies to loved ones!

A memorable experience is what keeps people coming back for more! 

Amanda: I couldn’t agree more! A memorable brand experience, whether in the visuals or tangibles (or even taste, in your situation!), is such an important factor in success… especially today. Okay, so we know who designed your app. Now we need to know who designed your brand’s incredible identity? It’s amazing! Did you hire a professional or figure it out on your own?

Member of Crumbl’s Marketing Team: Both of our founders brought unique expertise to the business when it started and that helped to build some of the core elements! Our Co-founder and COO, Sawyer Hemsley, has a background in marketing and branding and he was the mastermind behind the pink color, modern and fresh branding, and the open kitchen concepts that we are known for. Today, Sawyer works hand in hand with an amazing team of internal designers to bolster the brand through various assets/elements.  

Amanda: I love that! He did such an incredible job. Line work and iconography are some of my favorite styles of graphic design. I like to think it’s one of Poised Avenue’s specializations — we actually just had a client come to us with Crumbl in mind! She thought our style reflected your logo well and put Crumbl down as a logo she loves. And I can also say, I love the Crumbl logo just as much!

How important do you think having a well-designed brand identity is in the growth/success of your brand?

Member of Crumbl’s Marketing Team: I mentioned earlier that our pink box is instantly recognizable and that is the same concept here. It is incredibly important for a brand to have a well-designed identity so that they are remembered and stand apart from others in the space. As previously stated, there are so many aspects that make a business successful, but a well-designed brand is crucial for a company to be remembered. 

Amanda: Okay, and what about your unique name. What went into your decision to drop the “e” in “crumble”?

Member of Crumbl’s Marketing Team: Sawyer was thinking of elements of cookies/words that describe cookies and the word “crumble” came to mind. He liked it but wanted it to be more modern and trendy, so he dropped the E off of the end! 

Amanda: In turn, creating a more memorable name I think! Alright, if you had to give our readers just one tip on creating a brand that people want to get behind, what would it be?

To build a brand that people want to support, you need to understand your customer inside and out and provide them with a quality customer experience. We have a whole team dedicated to our customer experience and ready to answer questions 24/7. Our cookie development process, our social media strategy, and even our kitchen designs were created on the basis of creating a high-quality experience for all of our Crumbl fans. Customers love supporting brands that treat them well and care about them.

Behind the Brand: Crumbl Cookies | The Crumbl Cookie Brand | Crumbl's First Store
Crumbl’s very first storefront. They started off on the right food — with a good product and good branding to represent it!

To read more about Crumbl, head to their About Us page here.

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