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Our Garden Wedding by the Sea

June 5, 2022

In January of 2020, Grant and I met for the first time after “matching” on Bumble. I think we’d both agree that our first date was kind of… awkward. Through shy conversation and nervous laughter, we slowly warmed up to each other. But even before ever meeting Grant in person, I knew one day he would be my husband. It was something in his eyes that felt familiar — like I’d known him my entire life. We instantly connected. After that first date, we’d text into the wee-hours of the night, once until morning, and would spend any spare time we could together.

On June 17th, 2021, Grant and I were married in front of our closest friends and family.

Earlier that year in February, we found out we were expecting a baby — just over a year into dating. Having babies and getting married was something we talked about since the beginning (we even had a name picked out), but this came as a surprise to both of us.

Since the start of our relationship, I’d get surprises in the mail from Grant. Beautiful flowers and cards and letters. We’d often write to each other when we couldn’t visit because of Covid.

When we could visit, the trip from my parents’ house to his was nearly an hour’s drive. He’d come to Orange County to meet me after work for dinner until I started to instead, drive to San Diego County to spend the entire weekend with him.

San Diego has always been one of my favorite areas, so I had no issue with this. The drive may have been long, but it always felt like a little getaway that I could look forward to each week.

In January of 2021, I couldn’t help but just “feel pregnant”. We had gone out to dinner and I decided not to order a drink just in case.

The next morning, I woke up and took a pregnancy test to find it positive. I think both Grant and I were in shock — I cried (happy, overwhelmed, emotional-overload tears) and Grant went outside to call, I think literally, all of his friends.

I remember one of the first things Grant told me was he was excited about the adventure and one of the first things I told Grant was “What about the wedding?”

Ironically, as a little girl, I dreamed more so of becoming a mom than of my wedding; collections of dolls but no collections of sparkly dresses. I had really never given much thought to a wedding besides the fact that I knew I wanted it to be small, intimate, and meaningful.

Things began to take speed quickly after that day.

On March 27th, 2021, Grant proposed to me on a beach in Encinitas. Leucadia State Beach, to be exact. We were walking with friends when they stopped and asked me to take a photo of them. They offered to return the favor and take a photo of Grant and me. As we stood posing for the photo, Grant turned and got down on one knee. We have the entire proposal on camera because of it, which I’m so grateful for!

It wasn’t until closer to the end of April that we started planning a wedding. We went back and forth between having a courthouse wedding and trying to plan a more traditional ceremony with limited time. We decided on the latter and started to plan for a June wedding.

My mom found our venue in Carlsbad. They were having an “elopement” special that was perfect for us. It was made for a small wedding (50 guests) and all vendors were included besides cake, flowers, the DJ, and a wedding planner.

I spent lots of my days on the phone or in meetings down in Carlsbad (and I loved it!) with my wedding planner. Grant and I did a take-home cake tasting and I met my florist through my mother-in-law at her house.

From May to June 17th, I was busy planning a wedding. Looking back, I can’t believe we got it done in just over a month, but I had incredible help from my mom and mother-in-law. On May 3rd, I said yes to my dress. On May 9th, Grant gifted me the earrings I wore on our wedding as my first Mother’s Day gift. On May 10th, I met with my florist at my Mother-in-law’s house and we planned the color scheme and floral details. On May 13th, I put together all of the invitations. On May 20th, I got my hair done. On May 23rd, we celebrated at my bridal shower. On May 27th, I had my last meeting with my wedding planner. On June 8th, I finalized the seating chart. On June 15th, we finished the last of the details on my last day at work as a Ms!

Everything kind of came together perfectly. I chose a dress, we chose a date, and we counted down the days.

And even though we sped through the wedding planning process, it was perfect. Grant and I absolutely loved our venue. Not only was it steps away from the beach, but the hotel grounds were amazing. Every detail was purposefully chosen and our guest list was intimate.

We even got to stay two nights in the resort’s best suite with a beautiful view of the pool and ocean.

Not to mention, the food they served us and our guests was incredible. One of the best meals I’ve ever eaten was the dinner the resort catered for our reception… and so many others told us the same. It was so incredibly yummy! I wish I had a photo… haha!

I would love to relive the three days we spent in Carlsbad getting married. We were showered with so much love and made so many special memories. Plus, it made it all that much more special that Paisley was with us in my belly. That day, we became a family.

People sometimes ask how you know if marriage is the right choice. I think the cliché about just knowing is true. When it’s right, you don’t have to even ask the question.

I think that when you’re with the right person, they not only love you but help you love yourself.

I don’t have to question that Grant loves me, and he helps me love myself. I hope I do the same for him.

Our love feels familiar and new and exciting all at once.

Sometimes I still can’t believe I get to live this life — one I’d only ever dreamt of living — with my best friend; my husband.

Here’s to one year down… and a lifetime more!

  1. Lisa says:

    It was really such a perfect day!

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