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4 Tips for Building a Lifestyle Business

January 10, 2024

What is a lifestyle business? It’s one that ditches hustle culture and instead, allows you time to live life and focus on what’s most important to you, all while making money. It’s a strategic, modern, and intentional way to run a business and build a brand for yourself, your services, or your products.

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4 things I recommend doing to build (or grow) your lifestyle business

  1. Find where your passion intersects with profit. What are you good at that can make you money (alternatively, what are you already offering and serving well that you can refine and charge more for)? On the opposite end, when something in business is causing headache or taking up valuable time, ditch it or outsource it (if your time is worth more than what you’d pay someone else).
  2. Align your business with your ideal audience. This is done by getting clear on your mission, values, and who your ideal audience is. Even more, find where your ideal audience’s values and pain points overlap with your own values and solutions. Getting clear on this makes positioning your business so much easier.
  3. Position your business with professional assets that will work for you, even when you’re away from your desk.
  4. Have fun! Do something that lights you up. This goes back to trimming the fat and outsourcing tasks that drain you. When your business acts as a source of inspiration and is self-fulfilling, that trickles into every other aspect of your life and allows you to show up for your family as your best self, allowing your business to support the moments you want to savor most in life.

Are you breathing a sigh of relief? Or shaking your head in agreement with what you just read? If yes… we’d get along great. Business isn’t about throwing popular belief to the wall and hoping it sticks. It’s about building something aligned with your life that’s sustainable, profitable, and energy-giving.

Your Next Steps

Need help strategizing or structuring your business to work for you, allowing you time to slow down and be present for what matters most to you? Ask me how I can help create aligned, professional visuals and branded assets that set your business up for growth and success in the modern market.

Get in touch! Email me at amanda@poisedavenue.com.

Not ready to hire a professional but still want to take the next step in creating a strategic lifestyle business? Download my free Craft Your Unique Selling Point Worksheet, and define your very own USP!

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