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Six Actionable Steps to Build a Brand

January 16, 2024

Want to start a brand but not sure where to start? Here are six jumping-off points to help guide you in the right direction. These are actionable steps you can take right now to set your brand up for success.

Six Actionable Steps You Can Take to Build a Brand

  1. Define what makes my brand unique, then use that USP to build the foundations of your brand messaging and brand visuals. Be sure that your brand hits a sweet spot in your market by doing this research upfront.
  2. Release any personal opinions and focus on branding through an objective lens. You want your ideal audience to feel familiar with your brand, or to feel as if they could “befriend” your brand. People support brands they feel are an outward expression of themselves (this is why people like to wear the logos of their favorite brands). Ask yourself, “What does my ideal audience value that my brand can embody?”
  3. Stay away from templated brand assets. Instead, learn what you can about translating brand strategy visually, invest in a semi-custom logo, or utilize a design student looking to gain exposure. In doing so, you’re ensuring your brand isn’t swallowed up by the rest. Remind yourself that it’s better to build on something basic yet unique than to have to take your brand visuals on a complete 180 once you are ready to invest in something professional.
  4. Collaborate and position your brand with people or other brands who reach your ideal audience but who aren’t direct competitors. Do this for exposure and to build brand recognition and trust.
  5. Focus on your internals and build solid processes and proof of concept before investing in a professional brand identity. Ultimately, only invest in a professional brand identity once you are ready to scale and feel your brand visuals/assets are no longer an accurate representation of what you offer as a business.
  6. Work alongside the same brand partners (whether hired or contracted) as your brand grows. This helps you maintain integrity and consistency at all touchpoints as your brand grows.

p.s. You can start on step one right now by downloading my free Craft Your USP Workbook here.

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Amanda DeWoody of Poised Avenue Design Studio

This article was written by Amanda DeWoody of Poised Avenue Design Studio. Amanda is a professional brand designer located in the Temecula Valley area. She specializes in brand strategy, brand design, and print design for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s her design philosophy that every creative decision should be a strategic one, and she ensures each design decision she makes and project she works on is balanced in both artistic style and creative strategy.

Ready to work with her on a project? Email her at amanda@poisedavenue.com or inquire here.

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