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Poised Avenue Design Studio | What is a Trigger in Marketing?
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What Are Triggers in Marketing?

Marketing Psychology

It was 2007 when Kit Kat saw a plummet in their sales. Then, their marketing director thought to pair the candy with coffee in their advertising. The pair not only fit their already existing “eat a Kit Kat on your break” idea perfectly, but it also acted as a trigger. This ad campaign literally triggered their audience to think of a […]

Poised Avenue Design Studio | Brand Design | Gracie Chambers on The Importance of Marketing

Gracie Chambers on her entrepreneurial career, why she loves marketing, and why branding before marketing is a must for success.

Poised Avenue | Brand Design | Hannah Nieves on The Importance of PR

Hannah Nieves of Hannah Nieves Consulting talks with me about the importance of PR and marketing in building a brand and leveraging your position within your niche.

Ever wonder what to include in a quarterly analysis or what other business owner’s analysis process looks like? Download my analysis workbook now and use it as your own!

My 25th year has been such a great one! Here’s a quick recap on what each month had in store for me. Now, on to 26 and so excited for what’s to come!

I’ve rounded up your most common questions about brand design and answered them here! Need to know when you’re ready to hire a brand designer? What to have prepared before hiring a designer? Or, why brand strategy is important to design? Read my answers to these question and more here!


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