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Your Most Common Branding Questions Answered

Brand Design

I’ve rounded up your most common questions about brand design and answered them here! Need to know when you’re ready to hire a brand designer? What to have prepared before hiring a designer? Or, why brand strategy is important to design? Read my answers to these question and more here!

Brand identity is more than just aesthetics. Although design is a huge part of branding, understanding the strategy (or the why) behind each brand design is what makes it successful. That’s where a professional brand designer comes in.

As business owners, we all have them right? They’re crucial to a successful workflow and although each may hold a different amount of importance within your business, they are all necessary for getting the job done most efficiently or conveniently. And we all can agree that’s important, correct? If you aren’t nodding your head at the computer screen… you should be.

More than almost any other design element, fonts convey both emotion and meaning and their first impression can either pack a big punch or leave your ideal audience uninterested. There is much more to choosing a font for a brand than choosing something “pretty”. Strategy and consideration of your industry’s niche come in to play […]

The most important aspect in selling is relatability, so you can see how choosing colors that make a brand feel approachable and trustworthy is one of the most important aspects of branding. Choosing the colors of a brand involves more than picking out a handful of your favorite colors. Actually, colors play an important role […]

Fragrance. One word that can mean so many different things. But what is the one thing all artificial fragrance has in common? It’s probably detrimental to your health. As women, we use more product day to day than anyone else in our household. Fragrance is in almost every item. From your shampoo to the candles […]


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